Pipe Casting

ElastoTec -  Pipe casting system

The two elements of this clever system, consisting of ElastoTec machine technology and the 2-component reaction plastic ElastoFlake made from PU, are perfectly coordinated.
This reliable and cost-effective pipe renovation system is especially useful for in-house applications, which often involve tight conditions with small and hard-to-reach nominal widths ranging from DN 32 to DN 200, but it is also outstanding for components like downpipes.
All work, including first cleaning the pipes and drying them afterward, is performed with no damage to the building fabric (e.g. tiles) and without any contamination from the renovation work.
This CE-certified system is suitable for almost every common pipe substance, for instance the standard plastics used in sanitary facilities (PVC, PE, PP, GRP), as well as concrete, fiber cement, stoneware, and metals like copper, stainless steel and/or cast iron.
Damaged pipes are sealed and coated using ElastoFlake, a special solvent-free two-component PU material formulated especially for these requirements, with a very fast reaction time – it cures so quickly that it cannot run off during the introduction process and creates a final, even material thickness of ≥ 3 mm. It is applied in multiple layers / work steps.
Because of the flexibility of the PU material, it can also be used at higher temperatures and with temperature fluctuations. In addition, it protects the coated pipes from mechanical wear thanks to its very smooth surface, ensures very low adhesions/deposits, and improves the flow performance.

This Injection casting system was developed to meet the challenges of plastic sewer pipe renovation.

The spray/brush application creates a seamless and durable new surface inside any pipe material without damaging existing structures. Coating with Elastotec increases the lifespan of pipes - with high resistance to pressure and chemicals.

Elastotec Machine:
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Repairs 1.5 to 8 inch diameter pipes
  • No wasted material or reinstatements
  • Dual application method; Spray & Brush system
ElastoFlake Coating material:
  • 2 component Polyurethane resin
  • 90 second curing time
  • Ultra durable and chemically resistant
ElastoFlake injection casting material is suitable for drains in buildings.
ElastoFlake injection casting is used for manually coating the inner surfaces of old pipes, so that the old pipes do not have to be removed, floor and wall surfaces remain intact, and the building can continue to function normally. ElastoFlake forms a beautiful, seamless, and durable surface inside the old pipe.

Developed to meet the needs of the customer.
ElastoFlake has been developed as part of a quality management system, the key factor in which is quality assurance. It will ensure that projects meet the standards of quality efficiency required by the task at hand.
ElastoFlake material provides both the customer and the occupant with and ideal commitment to work efficiently, since the material dries and hardens quickly allowing for speedy working without compromising on the quality.